G-WILL INTERNATIONAL | ジーウィルインターナショナル

Developing Individual, Career Advancement in Global 世界を舞台に活躍できる真の国際キャリア人材の育成




G-Will International President
M.A. in Education and Human Development

ジーウィルインターナショナル代表 大森美和

I promote all aspects of self-development and through education. I also offer career
individualized counseling in order to assist each client with his or her unique goals. Additionally, we give our
clients the opportunity to experience a new country by traveling abroad to study different cultures, practice English and
built their character in social settings. We were originally introduced to Japan to address the limitations that Japan has in exposing
their citizen’s different international contexts and representations. We are growing as a company to accommodate
the demand for world educational programs in career counseling. Our mission is to contribute and
improve our society domestically and globally with one persona at a time.



After gaining experience as an Elementary school teacher, Miwa made a decision to study abroad to further improve upon her skills. She enrolled in the school of Education and Human Development graduate program at George Washington University in Washington D.C., and focused on youth career counseling and education. While in D.C., she was contributing as an international scholar, in addition to participating in various cross-cultural events with other scholars from around the world. Furthermore, Miwa worked as a Career Counselor intern via the University Career Services center in Washington D.C., and improved upon her technical knowledge and counseling skills though her internship experience with them. Upon graduating from the program, she received her M.A. in Education and Human Development from George Washington University.
After returning to Japan, Miwa worked as a research assistant for at the National Institute of Public Health. Afterwards, Miwa began to teach young children and was in charge of early education.
As a direct result of her various opportunities in the field of Education, Miwa was able to start her own private education business; G-WILL INTERNATIONAL. Today, collaborating with various education institutions, she also has developed unique study programs for individuals, educational institutions, and various groups abroad. Miwa creates her own foreign-language educational learning curriculum in addition to developing teachers’ training materials for foreign Assistant Language Teachers (ALT’s) and Japanese English Teachers (JET’s). In short, assisted by a strong network abroad, Miwa coordinates complete education programs for global education and career development.



M.A. in Education and Human Development, High School Teaching Certificate, Junior High School Certificate, Elementary Teaching Certificate, Preschool Teaching Certificate, Librarian Certificate, J-SHINE: Senior Elementary English Teaching Certificate



G-Will International Vice President
Global Learning Coordinator
Organization for Global Education C.O.F.C Japan Manager

ジーウィルインターナショナル副代表 乾 みゆ紀

If you are surrounded in very different environment and meet people with different nationalities,
you will see different cultures, values, thoughts that the people have. I want the people, especially young generation, to experience them.
The experience will not let your life dramatically change soon, but it will be done little by little toward your career in the future.
Moreover, if you see the world and new things that you haven’t seen before in your life, you will realize your strength and curiosity
that you haven’t notice yourself before. You will be surprised to know it yourself, and it let you rise up yourself. A lot of precious memories
such as meeting people from different countries and what you did there will bring you fulfilled life and career choices though your life. 
Finally, you may have to be brave yourself when you challenge a new thing.
However, once you try it, such as going to abroad, meeting with people from different countries, trying to new things that you haven’t
experience before, etc.., you may meet a best friend in your life, or you may see things that you will never see in your life.
We strongly hope that each client has a mind to challenge new things though our program, and increase their
own self-confidence and their strengths. This leads people’s fulfilled and enjoyable lives in the future.
We hope to be useful for the accomplishment to everyone.



After working as both a teacher in Elementary and Junior High school, Miyuki ventured out to see the world; traveling solo on a back packing trip around the world and visiting over 30 counties on her journey. During this time, she was fortunate enough to be able to visit various local educational institutions, and experience the diversity of their culture firsthand by studying with the various local people in each location.
After returning to Japan, she began working for a World-Community project, along with the support of numerous local companies and organizations. Each action-team worked side by side with their local embassy, government, and international institutions. Today, Miyuki continues to remain active in the international scene focusing primarily on projects of self-reliance and support for those in need, while at the same time helping bridge a better understanding between Japan and surrounding world.



High School Teaching Certificate, Junior High School Certificate, Elementary school, School Librarian Certificate, Museum Curator Certificate, J-SHINE: Elementary School English Teaching Certificate.

高等学校教諭免許、中学校教諭免許、小学校教諭免許、学校図書館司書資格、博物館学芸員資格、J-SHINE 小学校英語指導者認定協議会認定小学校英語指導資格